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UFO, Atelier Robotiq


The Fiber Pattern Lamps are a series of lights following from our experiments with robotic fiber weaving techniques. The technology is based on an Aerospace technology for making lightweight composite parts, such as rocket cases or fuel tanks. Seeing the beautiful geometrical fiber patterns on these industrial products inspired us to use these patterns in lighting and furniture designs. The first product we designed was the UFO, which is so light and open that it almost seems to float in the air. Inspired by its lightness we designed a special edition for the Salone in Milan 2016. This design is made with an Iridescent Black fiber, which has different colors from different view angles, mimicked from the Iridescent wings of the Dragon Fly. For the Salone 2017 we released a new design, the ‘Out of Order’. The concept behind the Out of Order is that robots are always seen as the perfect workers, who follow our instructions. But what would happen if the robot at some day shows human like behavior and drifts away while working…..The fiber pattern of the Out of Order visualizes this transition showing a regular pattern at first, which slowly becomes more and more irregular until its completely out of order.

The Fiber Pattern Lamp is made of resin-impregnated fibers. The fibers are wound with a industrial robot around a mold in geometric patterns. The result is a lightweight and strong lamp. The first serie is a UFO shape and available in the colors: Charcoal Black, Chalk White and Copper

The copper or Messing pendant, the braided cotton cord are the details that complete the style. You can order one of our Edison style LED bulbs besides the Fiber Pattern Lamp to have a good light match.


For more information: Atelier Robotiq