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Stilst by Reinier de Jong

Meet and Matter

Stilst is a new label by Reinier de Jong that springs from a newfound appreciation for small-scale production, integrity and versatility in society. Stilst products are both contemporary and timeless, and aim to adapt to changes that appear in lifestyle and environment. De Jong defines his compositions through careful study of form, function and materiality. In Milan, the label debuts with a collection of lamps, tables and a folding chair.

The HILST side table owes its name to the spade handle protruding through the plywood top. It allows the table to be carried and moved around easily.

The STEEL folding table and STEEL folding chair are made from ash wood broom handles (steel means handle in Dutch). The handles are cut and joint to form an object in which surface and structure merge.

The SPLIT pendant and floor lamps are fitted with a lampshade with an opening over the entire length. It allows the shade to move over or rotate independently around the light source. Additionally, the opening creates a ray of light of its own