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Out of Order, Atelier Robotiq


Robots are replacing human workers to do our repetitive tasks. We consider them to be reliable workers, who do their task perfectly over and over again…. But what would happen once the flawless worker becomes less impeccable? What if it would grow tired of its daily routine, or simply drift away while daydreaming?

These thoughts were the inspiration behind Out of Order – a light fixture design, which is built around the concept of an industrial fiber winding robot, expressing human-like ‘qualities’ like drifting away from its daily routine.

The extremely lightweight cylindrical construction consists solely of wound fiber, reinforced with resin, resembling a three-dimensional line work suspended in space.

At first glance the fiber pattern may appear to be perfectly ordered, but a closer look would reveal a transition between a regular and a non-uniform pattern, generating a fascinating optical illusion of distortion. The warped lines are the result of various tweaks in the robot’s program, which challenge the grip of the fiber on the mandrel during the production process. The unpredictable interwoven patterns may give the impression that the robot has developed a mind of its own. Using a special ‘randomizing’ algorithm the robot can generate endless variations, which allows the creation of unique designs.

Out Of Order is a series of light fixtures which is the result of a collaboration between Amsterdam based interdisciplinary design studio BCXSY and Rotterdam based design studio Atelier Robotiq.

For more information: Atelier Robotiq