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Mr Knox XL, Stephan Siepermann


Mr.knox xl is the big brother of the regular smaller mr.knox. The biggest different is its size and therefor the possibilities in use: mr.knox xl is wider, deeper and higher. The cabinet still can be assembled as a wine or liquer cabinet but from now on also as a warderobe for your most beautiful dresses. Mr.knox xl is 185 cm tall, 70 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

The closing system contains 13 wooden precision gears which enable the door to open and close like a real steal vault. All parts are cnc-cut (computer navigated routed) and assembled in the workshop in utrecht. Mr.knox xl comes standard with 3 boards and can be complemented with a warderobe hanging system and even special mr.knox clotheshangers if you like.

Mr.knox xl is a funny, playful celebration of your most valuable belongings.

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