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mr. knox family, Stephan Siepermann


The cabinet ‘mr.knox’ is a translation of a heavy steel safe box into a smart and playful wooden piece of furniture. The cnc cut gears fit perfectly together which enables the closing system to work exact as its steel example. The cabinet is 99,9% safe and it is delivered together with a beautiful ‘gold’ bar of 99,9% oakwood and two adjustable boards.

Mr.knox xl is the big brother of the regular smaller mr.knox. The biggest different is its size and therefor the possibilities in use: mr.knox xl is wider, deeper and higher. The cabinet still can be assembled as a wine or liquer cabinet but from now on also as a warderobe for your most beautiful dresses.

Mr. Knox humidor is the small brother of mr. Knox. This beautiful cigarcase is the newest member of the knox family and it is crafted out of  the most exclusive timbers such as dark walnut and spanish ceder.

Mr.knox is a funny, playful celebration of your most valuable belongings.

For more info: Mr. Knox