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Grid Space Divider, David Derksen



Using larch wood veneer from the Baars & Bloemhoff’s Shinnoki collection, we have created an ultra light set of space dividers. Not only do they serve to parse out a room, they can also hold various design elements, such as LED lamps or even acoustic foam.David Derksen was invited by Baars & Bloemhoff to participate in the Transitions II project, showing the possibilities of their materials. A beautiful larch wood veneer from the Shinnoki collection of Decospan has been selected as a starting point.

Normally veneer is glued onto a cheaper wood, to decorate the surface. In this case the wood veneer of just 1,5mm has been used as a construction material. Such thin wood is best applied under tension rather then pressure and so it was decided to make hanging structures that function as space dividers. They can also hold several elements such as LED lighting or acoustic foam, adding functionality to them.

By using only the veneer, the open structures show the most ‘honest’ way of applying it, as opposed to using the veneer as a decoration layer. To show the most extreme opposite, a solid looking tree trunk has been added to the collection. It is a hollow lightweight tree made out of a MDF framework, covered with a veneer layer and on the ends prints with annual rings. Going from a tree to veneer and from veneer to a tree, full circle.

Using industrial laser cutting machines, precise parts are cut and put together as a building kit without any screw or glue. The parts can be easily assembled and disassembled and transported in a super compact way. The Grid dividers can be produced in their current form or easily be adapted for specific projects. The space dividers can be changed according to the size of the space and the wish for functionality.

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