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David Derksen Design

Meet and Matter

Processes and principles found in nature are David Derksen’s main source of inspiration. In his work, there is a strong focus on materials: how they behave and how they can be constructed largely defines the end result, underlining their beauty. To Derksen, producing objects is like playing with the forces of nature.

The Copper Project is a series of etchings based on satellite photos of copper mines. Copper has become a fashionable material, but is also an indispensable part of objects we use on a daily basis. Without realising, everyone contributes to the world’s increasing hunger for copper when they make a phone call, drive a car or simply switch on the light.

The mines that are the source of the ore show intriguing structures, reliefs and colours, caused by the immense machines and the brute force of explosives that scar this landscape. Abstract satellite images are turned into etchings, through a traditional copper etching technique transferring the ink onto paper. Together, they show the intriguing and intimidating world of copper mining, a story about copper in copper etchings.

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