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Interior Reflections, Studio Thier&vanDaalen

A series home accessories with colour, reflection and simplicity in mind.

With these objects, you can play with light, colour and reflection yourself. Chunky wooden blocks, combined with a round colour filter, mirror and candle to use as a vase, candleholder, mirror and more.

Whit the mirror vase you can admire one flower from top to bottom because of the mirrored base. You can look under the skirt and beside that you got two flowers instead of one!

The idea for the tea light holder comes from the old magic lantern, an apparatus used to tell stories when television did not existed yet. It projected little stories and special effects on the wall.

The tabl mirrror can be used as a table mirror and as a candle holder, because of the mirror reflection you receive more light. It is all about the little things in life.

For more info: Thier&vanDaalen