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Lazy afternoon, Os ∆ Oos



On Zanzibar, tourists have become an important source of income, as well as (glass) waste. The island is not yet equipped to process all this glass waste, which means the glass makes its way into the natural surroundings. What if the tourism that caused the waste, could also contribute to processing it?

During the Dutch Design Week bottle-up will launch its first results . We worked with local craftsmen to translate glass waste into a first series of products. Offering these products to tourists on the island completes the circle: the waste caused by tourism is transformed into valuable up-cycle products, whereby the tourists effectively finance the next step: the development of construction materials made from glass waste.

The bottle-up project is an initiative of the bottle up foundation. The designers for the first project are Studio Klaas Kuiken, OS ∆ OOS and Super Local.

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