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Tuttobene Sales Agency sells the products of talented designers and unique brands

Tuttobene Sales Agency sells unique collections of interior products, that are developed and produced by designers and brands, to design shops and architects.

Victor le Noble started Tuttobene in 2004 as a platform for designers. Tuttobene presented the collections of over 300 designers on fairs in Milan, Tokyo, New York and London. In 2015 Victor and Remco van der Voort decided to join forces and continue Tuttobene as a sales agency for independent and self-producing designers. In this way they created a completely new market approach.

The collections within the agency cover a wide range and include lighting, furniture, accessories en textiles. The designers that are represented by Tuttobene Sales Agency are: Alex de Witte, Atelier Robotiq, Dirk Vander Kooij, Studio Mieke Meijer, De Intuïtiefabriek, Rick Tegelaar, Tjimkje de Boer, Stephan Siepermann, Mae Engelgeer, Handmade Industrials, Floris Hovers, Os∆Oos, VANTOT, Klaas Kuiken, David Derksen, Kiki&Joost and the brands: Cor Unum, Transnatural, New Duivendrecht and Valerie Objects.

The two entrepreneurs have a proven track record in the design community. They share their wide experience and expertise on marketing, sales, trade fairs and product development and have an extensive network amongst designers, architects, shops and brands. They know how to connect people.

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Museum Voorlinden proudly presents the first-ever European retrospective of the work of American painter Wayne Thiebaud (1920), on show from 9 June through 28 October 2018. Famous for his mouthwatering depictions of cakes, ice creams and hot dogs, Thiebaud has placed the American everyday life at the core of his artistic practice.

After visiting the exhibition full of painted cakes, it is almost impossible not to crave for a real Thiebaud pie. You can taste these in the pop-up Bakery Case, which is located in the Voorlinden garden for the duration of the exhibition. Every day you can go here for cakes, donuts, lollies, lemonade, coffee and tea. Voorlinden developed these pavilions especially for the exhibition with Tuttobene partner Just Haasnoot.

In the pavilions with the alu chairs and the round tables from the Belgian designer duo Muller Van Severen and tableware van De Intuitiefabriek you can enjoy different Thiebaud pies between Dutch and Belgian design.

In dropbox tuttobene sales agency you will find all information about the products in the sales agency, like photos, pricelists, shows, project references etcetera.

At project book you can find our project book full of project references. Ask for your copy at

You can find a selection of our products in Architecten Showroom Amsterdam, Pedro de Medinalaan 1a, Amsterdam.